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Prof. Pareek joined the Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU), Torun in 2008 and brought a lot of scientific experience in interdisciplinary genomic research from his previously held academic positions in Olsztyn (, and abroad scientific researches at FBN institute, Dummerstorf, Germany ( and University of Helsinki, Finland ( Since 2012, He is the Head of, Division of Functional Genomics Research group at the ICNT core research facility of NCU, Torun ( Prof Pareek joined the Institute of Veterinary Medicine (IVM), Faculty of Biological and Veterinary Science (FBVS), NCU, Torun in 2018.

(1). Prof. dr hab. Chandra S. Pareek: A Biography ( is presented here.

(2). (Professor NCU). scientific CV is presented here

(3). Lek Wet. Magdalena Herudzinska (Assistant) scientific CV is presented here

(4). mgr. Mateusz Sachajko (Copernikana PhD Scholar) scientific CV is presented here

(5). Lek Wet. Klaudia Mietkiewska, (PhD Scholar: Preludium BIS-II scholar) scientific CV to be presented here

Currently, the thematic research topic of Prof. Pareek research group is "Multi-Omics researches in Veterinary and Animal Sciences" and is divided into three sub-topics :

1) Nutrigenomics and metabolomics researches in Sus Scrofa and Bos taurus genome;

2)Multi-Omics analysis of reproductive tissues in Sus Scrofa and Bos taurus genome;

3) Development of advanced Veterinary bioinformatics tools in Multi-Omics researches: Co-expression gene and network analysis of Multi-Omics data of Sus Scrofa and Bos taurus genome using R package of Weighted correlation network analysis (WGCNA) script.